The passage of Hurricane Grace in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico

  • The death toll rises, 1,419 dead.

    Storm Grace, alarm resizes


August 21, 2021: Hurricane Grace struck the Gulf of Mexico coast as a severe Category 3 storm, flooding small fishing towns and seaside resorts.

It is the second time it has hit Mexico in two days. The storm had lost power Thursday as it crossed the Yucatan Peninsula (with no casualties or damage), swirling through Mexico's main tourist strip, but quickly absorbed energy from the relatively warm Gulf of Mexico as it moved towards the mainland.

Hours before approaching the shore, Grace caused strong winds, high waves and rain in the communities of Tuxpan, Poza Rica, Xalapa and Veracruz, as well as coastal cities in the states of Tabasco and Tamaulipas, the Mexican Meteorological Agency said.

Fishermen pulled their boats out of the water and brought them into harbors to prevent damage as the leading edge of the storm hit the coast. Traders have barred the windows of their businesses to protect them.

Authorities predict that central states and the Mexican capital will receive the impact like a tropical storm, with heavy gusts and intermittent rains over the weekend.