Hurricane Grace killed at least seven people in Mexico, including minors.

The hurricane caused a lot of damage, especially in the state of Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Grace moved along the coast with wind speeds of around 150 kilometers per hour, with peaks as high as 200 kilometers per hour.

The storm caused a lot of rain and flooding.

Earlier this week, Grace already traveled over Haiti, which was hit by an earthquake.

The center of gravity of the storm was slightly more south than the Caribbean island, so that the damage from the storm was not too bad.


This is how it is now in Haiti: 'No water, no help, but they remain positive'

Meanwhile, Cyclone Henri is slowly moving toward the northeast coast of the United States.

In total, about 42 million inhabitants probably have to take into account problems caused by the storm.

Authorities warn of life-threatening storm surges.

The mayor of New York is urging residents to stay indoors and use public transportation only.

Henri is expected on Sunday.