For the Tokyo Paralympics, which will start on the 24th of this month, a fire-lit ceremony was held in the southern part of England, which is known as the birthplace of the Paralympics.

The fire ceremony was held in Stoke Mandeville in the south of England on the 19th, with about 100 people including former Paralympic athletes and local citizens participating.

Stoke Mandeville has a rehabilitation facility for soldiers injured in World War II, and it is said that the sports competition for the disabled, which was held as part of the treatment in 1948, led to the Paralympics later.

At the ceremony, David Clark, who has participated in the Paralympics as a visually impaired soccer player, said, "The Paralympics praise the athletes for their achievements, and at the same time, to realize a society that sheds light on the disabled and accepts each other's differences. It has the power to encourage people to work toward it, "he said, expressing his expectations for the Tokyo Paralympics.

Then, while the performance of Japanese drums was shown as an ale to the tournament to be held in Japan, the fire stand was lit.

On the night of the 20th of Japan time, a fire collection ceremony will be held in Tokyo to combine the fire of Stoke Mandeville and the fire collected from all over Japan, and it will be lit to the torch stand at the opening ceremony on the 24th.