A Myanmar soccer player staying in Japan was recognized as a refugee because he could be persecuted if he returned to Myanmar, where the military continued to crack down on citizens, and a certificate was issued by the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau on the 20th. it was done.

Pyae Lyan Aung, who came to Japan as a representative of Myanmar for the second qualifying round of the Soccer World Cup in Asia, showed his intention to protest the army with three fingers in the match against Japan in May. Therefore, he stayed in Japan because of the risk of persecution and applied for refugee status.

The Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau has decided to recognize it as a refugee as a result of hearing from the person himself, and on the morning of the 20th, Mr. Pyae Lyan Aung and his lawyer and supporters will enter and leave Osaka in Suminoe Ward, Osaka. I visited the Immigration Bureau and received a refugee status certificate.

Pyae Lyan Aung said, "I would like to thank the people who have been successfully recognized as refugees and helped me. I would like to thank the Japanese people and the Government of Japan."