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A 37-year-old woman of Colombian origin died of coronavirus this Wednesday 18 at the Cabueñes Hospital in Gijón

nine days after giving birth by cesarean section


The pregnant woman had been admitted for several days due to a

covid-19 infection in the critical unit of

the Gijon hospital and, after a worsening of her health, health professionals decided to perform a cesarean section.

The woman had been admitted eleven days before with a picture of respiratory distress,

respiratory failure

and bilateral pneumonia.

A symptomatology before which the doctors decided to

perform an emergency cesarean section from

which a premature baby of 31 weeks and 7 kilos of weight was born who is in good health, according to the doctors.

After delivery, the woman was

admitted to the Intensive Care Unit

but finally could not overcome the coronavirus infection and died 9 days later.

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