Good evening,

she needs all the support that is possible: Eintracht Frankfurt is expecting

up to 25,000 spectators

for the home game on Saturday against FC Augsburg


There is the limit of what the health department allows under corona conditions.

However, it is still uncertain whether that many fans will actually come.

This is less due to the so far disappointing season opener of the SGE - defeat in the cup against Mannheim, abrasion in Dortmund - than to the reluctance of the Ultras to go to the stadium under the pressure of the pandemic.

For them, as scene expert Daniel Schleidt writes, football is unreasonable for them.

They only want to come back “when there is standing room again without restrictions, at least all season ticket holders as well as guest fans can come in on the usual scale and there is no extensive personalization”.

An app as a necessity for access authorization to the Waldstadion is "of course" rejected.

Helmut Schwan

Head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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Such a digital tool is very helpful for everyone who is looking for a charging station with their electric car.

Because it is still more of a desert.

For example in Frankfurt:

Falk Heunemann has researched

that, according to the Federal Motor

Transport Authority

, there are currently around 14,400 cars with purely electric or hybrid drives - with only around 100 public charging points.

The disproportion becomes even more blatant if you extrapolate how many of these stations would be needed to meet demand in the next few years if the trend towards e-mobility continues.

In the event that half of the approximately 350,000 vehicles registered in Frankfurt were powered by electricity, 8,500 columns would be required

so that there are around 20 customers for an average of one. Our business editor writes in his comment that switching to electric cars alone cannot be the solution in Frankfurt. Because the city is not only struggling with climate change, which is to be slowed down by the drastic reduction in greenhouse gases. The municipality must also ensure that traffic continues to flow and that the city remains livable for its residents.

In the end, a lot depends on the money.

So also with the workers' welfare.

Social organization just can't get out of the headlines.

On Thursday it became known that the Wiesbadener Verband had billed incorrectly for years at the expense of the Frankfurters and caused damage of more than three million euros.

At least that's what the Frankfurters claim.

Perhaps that will give the investigation a new twist.

In addition

, the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) based in Eschborn has evacuated all deployed employees from Afghanistan;

The Frankfurt "disco king" Gerd Schüler will be 80 years old this Friday;

the Ministry of the Interior rejected the allegations by suspended SEK officials that the extremism allegations were unjustified.

Take care of yourself

Yours Helmut Schwan

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