China News Service, Washington, August 19 (Reporter Sha Hanting) The US Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said on the 19th local time that the suspected explosive possession near Capitol Hill has surrendered to the police and has been arrested by the police. Control.

  According to Manger, at about 9:15 in the morning, a man drove an unlicensed black pickup to the Library of Congress and informed nearby law enforcement officers that there was a bomb on the vehicle.

Law enforcement officials said they saw a device similar to a detonator in the car.

Subsequently, the congressional police blocked the scene and evacuated the staff in the surrounding congressional office buildings and the Federal Supreme Court.

  Manger said that the identity of the suspect has been determined. The suspect is named Floyd Ray Roseberry (Floyd Ray Roseberry), 49 years old and from North Carolina.

After five hours of negotiations with the police, the suspect got out of the car and surrendered to the police at about 2:30 pm, and was subsequently controlled by the police.

  Manger also said that the police are still searching the pickup truck and cannot immediately determine whether there is explosives in the truck.

The motive of the suspect has not yet been determined.

  It is reported that the suspect launched a "live broadcast" on social media Facebook when he was in the car, expressing his dissatisfaction with the government, including the situation in Afghanistan, medical insurance, and the military, and threatened the use of bombs.

  After the Congressional riots on January 6 this year, Congress took a number of measures to strengthen security, including setting up a 2-meter fence around the perimeter, arranging National Guard patrols, and strictly restricting personnel access.

Only in July this year, the fence was completely demolished.

  On January 6, when the Congress was counting the electoral votes in the presidential election, supporters of former U.S. President Trump violently stormed Congress, killing at least five people.

This incident is the worst attack that Congress has suffered in nearly 200 years.