SEHA gives national cadres the opportunity to lead support operations

Jaber Ali Al-Marr.

From the source

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) confirmed that it gives national cadres the opportunity to lead support operations, explaining that administrative cadres play an important role alongside medical and technical cadres, to provide world-class health care to members of society, and workers in support and support services departments in health facilities provide The requirements of these facilities, especially those related to the services provided to patients.

And she confirmed that among the people of the Emirates who are keen to serve their country and are dedicated to work, the Executive Director of Support Services in Al Dhafra Hospitals, Jaber Ali Al Marar, who supervises and follows up all the departments associated with the Support Services Department, and the daily management of the operational activities of the Support Services and General Services Department, through the most means. economically, and in an effective manner, within the framework of the policies and procedures followed in SEHA.

She explained that support services are among the vital functions in the health sector, and are the artery for medical services, as they are directly linked to the services provided to patients, and support services play a pivotal role in upgrading the health care sector in the UAE.

She pointed out that Al-Marar began his work at SEHA as a coordinator, and set his sights on developing his leadership skills, acquiring practical, field and volunteer experiences, and the various tasks he held, including: housing officer, public services coordinator, director of public services, until he was appointed Director of Services Support in Al Dhafra Hospitals.

And SEHA continued that it provided him with opportunities for continuous learning, training, and gaining experience, which qualified him to achieve the best results during his career, and to win the award for the best executive director of support services at the level of SEHA, and described some of the projects that he supervised and managed as projects. Distinguished, based on creative ideas.

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