The Association of Southeast Asian Nations held a meeting of supporters to provide humanitarian assistance to Myanmar, where the turmoil after the coup and the spread of the new coronavirus infection continued, and provided funds and supplies equivalent to 870 million yen in Japanese yen. Announced that it was shown.

The focus will be on the ability of ASEAN to change its strong military stance as it promotes humanitarian assistance in the future.

This meeting of donor countries was held online on the 18th, and was attended by 19 countries and international organizations including ASEAN member states, Japan, China, and the EU = European Union.

According to the announcement by the ASEAN Secretariat, the participating countries and institutions have indicated that they will provide about 8 million dollars in total, and about 870 million yen in Japanese yen, as well as supplies such as medicines.

First of all, ASEAN will focus on supporting measures against the new coronavirus in Myanmar.

In April, ASEAN held a summit meeting on the situation in Myanmar and agreed on five items, including humanitarian assistance, immediate suspension of violence, and the dispatch of a special envoy to mediate dialogue between the military and pro-democracy forces. I did.

In Myanmar, military crackdowns on civilians protesting the coup continue, killing more than 1,000 people.

ASEAN wants to promote a change in the attitude of the strong Myanmar military while promoting humanitarian assistance, and to link it to the realization of other agreement items, and the focus will be on whether it will lead to concrete results such as dispatching a special envoy.