October 23 Last date for exemption from health insurance fines in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Health Authority called on community members to take advantage of the exemption period.


The Abu Dhabi Department of Health announced that the exemption of health insurance subscribers who are sponsored under individual sponsorship from the fines incurred by them, as a result of delay in subscription, or renewal of subscription to health insurance, will continue until next October, noting that the deadline for benefiting from the exemption is October 23, 2021. .

The department called on members of society to take advantage of the exemption period to subscribe, or renew their subscription to the health insurance, in the context of ensuring the provision of health care services to all members of society in Abu Dhabi, by ensuring the continuity of health insurance coverage for all participants, and supporting them to access continuous and integrated health services. when they need it.

The Undersecretary of the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Jamal Muhammad Al Kaabi, said that the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi is keen to ensure the availability of health care services to all residents of the emirate, according to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, as it always works to provide the necessary support to ensure the availability of insurance coverage for all members of society. By urging them to subscribe or renew the subscription, and to exempt them from any fines incurred on them, in line with the department’s tasks, which are regulating and controlling the health insurance sector, with regard to the cost of basic documents and the scope of coverage, through performance monitoring, setting regulations, and applying best practices and standards Globalism.

Al-Kaabi added that granting a time limit for exemption from fines contributes to achieving one of the department's strategic priorities, which is to provide and provide integrated and continuous health care for all individuals, as the campaign focuses on the beneficiaries of coverage by health insurance programs, who are guaranteed under individual sponsorship, including the category of Assisting workers, in order to preserve their rights to subscribe to health insurance, and to access health services when they need them.

The department indicated that after the expiry of the period of exemption from the fines granted until October 23 to adjust the situation, the department will calculate the fines for each person who did not participate, at the rate of 300 dirhams per month, in accordance with the provisions of the Health Insurance Law No. 23/2005 and its amendments. and its executive regulations.

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi had previously launched a set of initiatives and exemptions, to ensure that all members of society obtain appropriate insurance coverage, and enable them to access the necessary health services.

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