The region asked the municipalities about vaccination in schools before the summer, but no one has yet returned with an offer.

If it were to become relevant, the region believes that school health itself would have to handle the vaccination in the schools.

- It would be similar when the municipalities vaccinated in nursing homes and we were responsible for the logistics and documentation, says Ronny Lestander.

Umeå leases its premises

Pontus Clarin, who is area manager for the municipal upper secondary schools in Umeå, says that the municipality can imagine vaccination on the school's premises, but then with the region's care staff.

- We have had initial dialogues and discussions with the region about vaccination in schools with the region's staff.

Initially, we are happy to lease our premises if there is a need.

We are available if they want.

For example, we have a large auditorium at Dragonskolan that could be used, says Pontus Clarin.

Pontus Clarin says that they want to work together to facilitate vaccination of students as soon as possible,

- The students have to leave to get vaccinated and we want to do everything we can to avoid outbreaks and keep the school open.

But it is of course the individual's freedom to choose for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated or not, he says.