Mali: eleven soldiers killed in an ambush in the center, according to the army

Soldiers of the Malian army in exercise.

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Eleven Malian soldiers were killed in an ambush blamed on the jihadists this Thursday, August 19 in the center of the country, announced the Malian army.

At least twenty others were injured and taken to a hospital in the town of Sévaré.


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With our correspondent in Bamako,

Serge Daniel

The attack took place precisely between the localities of Nokara and Boni in central Mali.

Attributed to the jihadists, it has been officially qualified as " 



A vehicle bomb first exploded as the security forces of Mali passed, and automatically afterwards, there was intense fire on the army convoy.

The Malian soldiers retaliated.

If in their ranks, according to a provisional assessment, we recognize fifteen deaths, the number of victims in the ranks of the attackers is not known, they generally leave with their dead.

According to analysts, the jihadists close to Amadou Koufa want at all costs to control the strategic sector of Boni, located 60 km from the town of Mondoro and 90 km from Douenzta.

And to achieve this, they try to oppose the presence on the spot of the regular army which has a camp located not far from a hill in Boni.

The same jihadists make life difficult for the civilian populations in the area accused of giving information to the army.

In some localities, farmers are prevented from cultivating large areas.

If the granaries are full of food, they will be too autonomous, fear the jihadists.


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