Prime Minister Suga has shown his willingness to re-election over the LDP presidential election due to the expiration of his term at the end of next month. It is expected that the movement within the party will become more active in the future.

Prime Minister Suga's term as president of the Liberal Democratic Party will expire at the end of next month.

The Liberal Democratic Party presidential election to be held along with this is expected to be scheduled on the 26th of next week, and it is being considered that the voting date will be the 29th of next month and the final week of next month.

At the previous press conference, Prime Minister Suga emphasized that "it is natural to run as president when the time comes, and that will not change," and expressed his willingness to re-election.

In addition to Prime Minister Suga, there is a movement to seek candidacy, and former political research chairman Kishida, who ran for the presidential election last year, said at a faction meeting on the 19th, "The presidential election means that the LDP will show a wide range of options. It's an important place. "

However, former secretary-general Koga, the former chairman of the faction, has expressed negative thoughts about Mr. Kishida's candidacy, and Mr. Kishida will clarify his attitude next week after assessing the situation within the party. I am.

In addition, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi met with Secretary-General Nikai on the 19th to convey his willingness to run for candidacy.

Mr. Takaichi does not belong to any faction and wants to secure the 20 nominees needed for candidacy from next week.

On the 19th, President Shimomura told reporters that he would consider responding to his candidacy within the party, while continuing to support Prime Minister Suga as one of the party's three roles. I emphasized.

Some mid-career and young members of the Diet are expecting a full-scale debate by multiple candidates, and it is expected that movements within the party will become more active in the future.