by Chiara Rancati

19 August 2021 Closing in deep red for the European stock exchanges. Milan falls by 1.63%; London and Frankfurt just do better. The worst is Paris, down by more than two points, penalized by the heavy losses of luxury stocks, which have a more significant weight on its main list.

On the other hand, the American indices are slightly recovering: the Dow Jones continues to lose more than three tenths of a point, but the S&P 500 is above parity by a few cents and the Nasdaq also turned positive at + 0.15%.

On the other hand, the price of oil remains in sharp decline. Brent dropped by more than 3 and a half percent compared to yesterday, to $ 65.89 a barrel. While the dollar continues to strengthen on the currency markets, at its highest against the euro for almost a year. The single currency is currently worth $ 1.1681.