You worry, especially about the children.

Can they go to school again, and if so, have ventilation systems been purchased?

Do the students have to wear masks, take tests, is the digital equipment complete?

One hopes.

It will be fine, and in the Corona period so far there was definitely a lot to learn.

Let's start with the alphabet: The AHA rule, for example, which then expanded to AH-A + A + L: distance, hygiene, everyday mask, app, i.e. warning app, and ventilation.

Then there are the words incidence and resilience, which for many would otherwise only have come up much later in class, but this is how they were internalized early on through daily use.

Quarantine and isolation and virus variant areas found their way into the daily vocabulary almost as quickly.

GGG - vaccinated, recovered, tested: still incomplete, the fourth G for obedience is missing.

But that too is easy to learn.

The Federal Ministry finds the letters

It is much more difficult with the modern abbreviations for personal well-being, belonging to the LGBTI *, the LGBTQ, LGBTQIA * or various others. The “Rainbow Portal” can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, which lists all forms of sexual identities and offers answers and help to many questions. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs is correctly called: BMFSFJ, namely: “Federal Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth”. This is where perhaps the most difficult task for the students during the pandemic is revealed: Isn't the BMFSFJ responsible for men? Or are men seniors per se? It almost looks like this in the German Bundestag, but what is it like in reality, in our dreary everyday life?

Regardless, in any case the BMFSFJ helps to find the letters for one's own sexuality. But that is only relevant for the younger generation and not for the elderly anyway. They have other problems and are in very good hands with the BMFSFJ. In the best case scenario, seniors are interested in another offer, the "LTGB ventilation door grilles". And if there should be a woman among the seniors: the elastic "LTGB Jeans". Tomorrow's students will quickly get used to these abbreviations as well.