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ruling and opposition parties have decided to raise the tax base for comprehensive real estate tax on single-family homeowners from 900 million won to 1.1 billion won. The 'top 2%' proposal proposed by the ruling party earlier was to be scrapped.

This is reporter Han Se-hyeon.

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National Assembly's Planning and Finance Committee held a tax subcommittee in the morning and passed a bill that sets the standard for comprehensive real estate tax for one householder to KRW 1.1 billion in the published price.

The Democratic Party had previously pushed for a plan to impose a tax on the top 2% of houses based on the published price, but it was withdrawn.

Instead, after consultation with the People's Power, who insisted on the standard of 1.2 billion won for the announced price, it was agreed to amend the '1.1 billion won standard'.

Rep. Kim Young-jin, secretary of the ruling party of the committee, said, "There is no problem if it is stipulated by the enforcement ordinance, but the opposition raised a problem, and in order to preserve the consensus process, the taxation standard was adjusted to 1.1 billion won and decided."

He also explained, "If the 'imposition on the top 2', which was decided by the party, becomes a bill, the cash value will be about 1.06 billion won, and if rounded up to the enforcement ordinance, it will be 1.1 billion won," he explained.

Rep. Ryu Seong-geol, a secretary of the opposition party in the committee, also said, "The controversy over the top 2% condolences and the 'four companies and five parties' has completely disappeared."

The committee plans to hold a plenary meeting in the afternoon to deal with the bill.

If the tax bill is finalized within the next 31 days after the plenary meeting, the taxation process may proceed as scheduled, including issuing a notice by November 15.