Near the Capitol in central Washington, the United States, a man claiming to have an explosive stayed in his car for about five hours, causing a fuss about temporary evacuation of people working in surrounding buildings. rice field.

According to Washington police, police officers approached a suspicious pickup truck parked in front of the Library of Congress next to the Capitol on the morning of the 19th, telling a man in the car that he had an explosive. That is.

The man stayed in the car for about five hours, but at the end he came out of the car and was detained by the police.

According to the police, no explosives have been found in the car so far, so the police are investigating the motives of the man.

A woman who was inside the Library of Congress said in a tired manner, "Suddenly there was a broadcast in the library and I was instructed to evacuate outside."

The site is a section where the Capitol Building and the Members' Office Building are lined up. At that time, the parliament was adjourned, but many people working in the surrounding buildings were forced to evacuate temporarily.