The chaos in Afghanistan continues. The Taliban have opened fire on peaceful protesters for a second day, killing people everywhere. Contrary to his promise not to retaliate, it is said that he also started to search for Afghans who cooperated with Western countries.

Reporter Jo Haeng.


Protesters holding large Afghan flags march along the boulevard.

On Independence Day yesterday (19th), citizens from all over Afghanistan took to the streets holding flags against the Taliban.

[Protesters: Even if you shoot me and kill me as I am standing here, I will give myself up to defend the Afghan flag. The Afghan government will come back.] The

Taliban opened fire and dispersed protesters, killing at least seven people and injuring dozens.

Contrary to the promise of "no retaliation," the Taliban are said to have begun a search operation to find Afghans who cooperated with the US and other Western countries.

The New York Times, citing a UN report, reported that the Taliban are going door-to-door to seek out allies, urging them to turn in and threatening to kill or arrest their families if they don't.

In particular, it has been reported that Afghan government forces, police and members of intelligence agencies are being targeted by the Taliban.

Despite this, a Taliban spokesperson said, "We want friendly relations with the whole world, including the United States."

The international community's movements to respond to the Afghan crisis are continuing.

Italy, the chair of the 20 major summits, has decided to hold a special meeting, and the European Union has also begun preparing measures to accommodate Afghan refugees, who are expected to reach 2 million.