During the spring, 2,797 employees from all of Västerbotten's municipalities in municipal health and care responded to a survey sent out by the Västerbotten Region. 

The aim of the study is to see what disadvantages there have been with such an extensive use of visors, surgical mouth guards and respiratory protection.

The results are clear.

The work environment for healthcare employees has been very tiring.

"Two hours of protection equals a full working day"

According to Anders Johansson, chief physician, Care Hygiene in Västerbotten, this study provides answers to questions where there are no answers both in Sweden and internationally.

- The most important conclusions of the survey are that we have been able to measure approximately how difficult it is to use protective equipment.

And that we find that those who have used protective equipment perceive it as really difficult.

"Two hours of protection corresponds to a full working day", "Extremely difficult", "Difficult to get in touch with care recipients and colleagues".

These are some of the comments from the healthcare staff.

Complicates contact

43 percent think that it is either "extremely difficult" or "very difficult" to work with the protective equipment.

Employees state that it will be hot and stuffy and that it will be difficult to see properly.

Many also experience that they have had headaches when wearing the protection. 

Another consequence of wearing protective equipment is also that contact with care recipients and co-workers deteriorates when it is difficult to see each other's faces. 

- Much of the facial expressions fall away, you do not see if anyone smiles or looks angry through the mouth guard.

Many of the residents also do not understand why you have protection, says Johan Lagerström.

Hear why the survey was done in the video above.