The mayor of Nagoya, Japan, who had bitten the gold medal of a Japanese player who won the Tokyo Olympics softball without permission, has been belatedly rectifying the situation.

Japan's Miyu Goto participated in the Tokyo Olympics softball and won a gold medal, and on the 4th, a celebration was held in Nagoya, her hometown.

When Goto put his gold medal around the neck of Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura, Mayor Kawamura suddenly lowered his mask and bit the gold medal with his teeth, and returned it to the player without wiping it.

When this scene was reported, it was pointed out that it was rude to bit the gold medal that the athlete had won without permission, and criticized that the gold medal had a needle that could be a vector of infection in the Corona 19 situation.

As the controversy grew, related organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee decided to exchange Goto's gold medal for a new one. .

In the end, Mayor Kawamura held a press conference and announced that he would return 1.5 million yen, 3 months' worth of salary, in full as a so-called 'self-discipline' for biting the gold medal.