A question was asked by the Cabinet Committee of the House of Representatives regarding measures against the new coronavirus, and Minister Nishimura expressed his intention to secure medical staff such as nurses to expand accommodation facilities.

Among them, the minister in charge of economic revitalization Nishimura said, "The local government is expanding accommodation facilities according to the infection situation, but the important thing is to be able to take proper care there. Nurses are also needed, so human resources We have to work together to secure the above. "

On that basis, he emphasized the idea of ​​properly observing the health of people who are undergoing medical treatment at home or at accommodation facilities, and working closely with local governments so that they can provide the necessary medical care even if their condition suddenly changes.

In addition, the chairman of the government subcommittee, Mr. Omi, commented on the rapid spread of the infection, saying, "Society as a whole is not in a situation to cooperate. The state of emergency has not been effective. I pointed out.

He said, "There is an opinion that it is better to issue a state of emergency nationwide, but the core is not so, it is to extinguish the fire in a short period of time." He emphasized the need to work hard to halve the number of people.

Regarding the number of newly infected people, he said, "I think there are a few more people who are actually infected because the testing system is not in time and they are not willing to take tests."

In addition, a person in charge of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will apply for approval of "ivermectin," a silver bullet for parasite-induced infectious diseases, which is being studied as a therapeutic drug for the new coronavirus, based on the results of the clinical trial. , Explained that the examination will be done preferentially and promptly.