American influencers have been criticized for releasing a video of them picking beer cans with the teeth of live sharks.

According to the New York Post on the 12th local time, TikTok influencers Wyatt Dalison and Cody Scott, who produce fishing and hunting content, caught a sand snake at a beach in Florida in May.

They dragged the shark ashore, forced them to open their mouths, and smashed beer cans in their teeth.

When the shark turned to the side and expressed discomfort, the group grabbed the shark tightly.

Then they drank beer through the hole in the can and rejoiced as they clenched their fists together.

Dalison and Scott released a video of this image on the TikTok account 'outdoorchaos' operated by Dalison.

More than 50,000 followers of the account criticized it by leaving comments such as "I feel sorry for the shark," "This is clearly animal cruelty," and "What are you doing to get views?" .

“It was just for fun,” Dalison told The New York Post.

"I have received a warning from the Wildlife Service," Scott said.

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(Photo = 'New York Post' YouTube capture)