“We have 48 OSCE member states attended the meeting.

This is a very serious turnout.

Several countries refused, although the doors were open to everyone, "- quotes the statement of Klimov TASS.

According to him, the OSCE representatives were informed that, according to Russian law, no outside interference in the elections is permissible.

"The Central Election Commission and the court must sum up the results of the elections, assess their quality and approve the results," Klimov said.

According to him, "there were no objections to this and could not be."

Earlier, the OSCE stated that it would not be able to send observers to the elections to the State Duma due to the requirement to limit their number.

At the end of July, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Russia is ready to accept and ensure the safe stay of international observers for the upcoming elections of the State Duma deputies.