The center of gravity of Tropical Storm Grace passed south of Haiti during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

As a result, the country, which was hit by a major earthquake last week, was spared the stormy winds.

Rainfall in Haiti varied between 30 and 100 millimeters.

"But they got away with that, because 300 millimeters fell locally just south of it," Wouter van Bernebeek of Weerplaza told

The storm caused bad weather in the night from Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday morning, but the center of gravity has moved south.

On Monday, the storm weakened to a tropical depression, which mainly meant that the wind was a lot less strong.

In the evening the depression strengthened again into a storm, but with a tropical storm the wind is still less strong than with a hurricane.

According to Van Bernebeek, the storm is expected to move towards Mexico in the coming days, and then there is a chance that the wind will increase and the storm will develop into a hurricane.

Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake on Saturday. The death toll has now risen to 1,419. In addition, 6,900 people were injured. It was feared that the tropical storm would cause mudslides and hamper rescue efforts.