• Panarea, a 16-year-old boy dies at sea

  • Lifeguard "hero" and pediatrician save 4-year-old girl who fell into the sea


17 August 2021Two dead and one missing is the balance of the day today on the Campania coasts whipped by the wind that made the sea a "red flag".

The first misfortune occurred this morning in Paestum (Salerno).

In Torre di Mare a 73-year-old from Cercola (Naples) was overwhelmed by the waves and drowned.

According to what has been reconstructed on the basis of some testimonies, the man was on the shoreline to collect clams when a wave took him in full, he got sick, he trudged and then ended up with his head underwater.

Help was useless, he lost consciousness and died before being transported to the hospital.

The other tragic accident in Pinetamare, in Castelvolturno, in the Caserta area, a place often chosen by families who come from nearby Naples. A 62-year-old man from Naples died while he was offshore; the current exhausted him and he lost his strength. The 25-year-old grandson tried to save him and he too was run over. At the moment he is missing and is still wanted by firefighters and divers. A helicopter is also participating in the research. To save the 62-year-old, some swimmers created a human chain between the beach and the sea, but the attempt remained in vain.

Two other people in trouble in very rough waters were hospitalized instead.