The United States Air Force said on the 17th (local time) that a body was found in the landing gear of a US transport plane that took off from Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Air Force launched an investigation after discovering a body in the inner landing gear of one of the C-17 transport planes that landed at Qatar Air Base from Hamidkarzai International Airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the day before.

The Air Force said, "The body was found after the transport plane landed at the Qatar Air Base," referring to media reports and online video data that a person died while hanging from a plane while the transport planes were taking off from Kabul Airport the day before, the Air Force said.

It is possible that the body was part of an Afghan citizen who was hung on the wheels as the transport plane took off from Kabul Airport while fighting for boarding.

The day before, local media Tolonews reported that two people were caught falling while three people were hanging from the wheels of an airplane in flight, and the US media reported that at least three people were killed at the airport, including at least three people hanging on the transport plane.

A video of a person crashing from an aircraft has also been released.

The Air Force said the transport plane where the body was found landed at Kabul Airport the day before, but was surrounded by hundreds of Afghan citizens on the runway. .

"The Air Force Special Investigation Service is investigating all information, including video footage and social media posts."he added.

Earlier, when the Islamic militant group Taliban captured Kabul, large numbers of people entered the runway of Kabul Airport to escape and struggled to board the plane, and the airport quickly became a chaos.

The U.S. military, which controlled the airport to evacuate U.S. citizens and Afghan collaborators in Afghanistan, immediately suspended the operation of military and civil aircraft and partially resumed it on the same day.