The Chinese Ministry of Defense announced on the 17th that it had conducted military exercises around Taiwan, and it seems that it aims to restrain the US Biden administration that decided to sell weapons to Taiwan.

On the 17th, the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced that the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese Army, which has jurisdiction over the East China Sea, conducted military exercises in the waters and airspace around the southwest and southeast of Taiwan, in which ships, anti-submarine patrol aircraft, and fighters participated. did.

"The recent frequent conspiracy and provocation of the United States and Taiwan to violate China's sovereignty is the number one source of security risks in the Taiwan Strait," said a spokesman for the Eastern Battlefield. Blame the United States and Taiwan as.

He also emphasizes that this exercise is "a necessary action to protect the Taiwan Strait and sovereignty."

The U.S. Biden administration has decided to sell about 82 billion yen of weapons to Taiwan on the 4th of this month, and it seems that China is aiming to restrain the Biden administration, which shows its willingness to continue to be involved in Taiwan. ..

Chinese military fighter jets enter Taiwan's air defense identification zone

On the 17th, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense announced that a total of 11 aircraft, including Chinese fighter aircraft and anti-submarine patrol aircraft, had entered the air defense identification zone set by Taiwan.

Both entered the airspace off the southwest coast of Taiwan from the Chinese side, and partly returned after leaving the Bassie Strait with the Philippines.

The Taiwanese announcement does not mention the activities of the Chinese military off the southeast coast.

Regarding the announcement that the Chinese military has conducted the exercise, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said, "We have fully grasped and evaluated the situation in the Taiwan Strait and related trends in the sea and airspace, and we are ready for various responses. I have commented.