The exhibition tower has been modernized for around 100 million euros.

As the company Officefirst announced, the construction work on the striking high-rise will be completed after around two years.

The architect of the exhibition tower, Helmut Jahn, who died in May, and the Italian architect Matteo Thun were involved in the renovation.

Rainer Schulze

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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In particular, the atrium has been expanded: the floor-to-ceiling windows in the cube-shaped base are now bent outwards, giving the impression of a glass cylinder.

In the opinion of some critics, however, the strict geometry of the building has suffered as a result, because the impression that there is a cylinder in the building that emerges again above the cuboid middle section and ends in a pyramid has been lost.

Until now, the glass curve of the foyer was within the outer building boundary.

New tenants moved in

However, the foyer was previously narrow and unattractive - apart from the reception counter and the turnstiles in front of the elevators, there was hardly any space for seating or the like. The owner therefore describes the result of the renovation as "the house has not previously turned towards its hometown": The expansion and redesign of the entrance hall have given it a high quality of stay. There is now a small bistro there too. A light installation called "Laterna Magica", large trees and plants as well as a water wall should also contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. The 18 meter high glass panes of the new outer facade of the building base were among the largest curved pane elements in the world.

According to Officefirst, leases for more than 25,000 square meters have been signed or extended with existing tenants since the start of the renovation work on the exhibition tower. Microsoft, the law firm Lupp + Partner and the Frankfurt branch of Wells Fargo Bank have moved in.