The bundles of banknotes, wrapped in cellophane and slipped into the luggage of the trunk, contained 59,000 euros in all.

The regional customs directorate of Toulouse announced on Monday that they had got their hands on this pretty jackpot on August 12 at midnight when its agents intercepted an Audi Q5 at the north tollbooth of Montauban.

Five people, from Guyana and Suriname, were in the car registered in France.

In addition to the small amount of cannabis also found in the suitcases, all of the cuts were positive in the drug test.

Following this seizure, a judicial investigation was opened for drug trafficking in an organized gang and money laundering of drug trafficking.

The five suspects were indicted and placed in pre-trial detention pending further investigations entrusted jointly to the Montauban police station and the Toulouse judicial police.


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