Just outside Kvidinge in Åstorp municipality, farmer Botvid Göransson grows hay, sugar beets, potatoes, rapeseed but above all wheat.

The hot and dry beginning of summer has made this year's harvest worse than last year.

- There are very large variations locally.

We had a fairly solid dry season in June and on the land we could not water, there is 30 percent less harvest, says Botvid Göransson.

Rain every other day

When it is now high time to harvest the autumn wheat that, after all, has grown, the weather sets in again.

The scattered rain showers make it difficult for farmers because the wheat can then not be harvested.

- When you see that there is a nice harvest and feel that the rain comes every other day, it is more stressful than 2018 because then you knew that there was nothing to harvest.

It feels frustrating, he says.

What does this mean for the harvest?

- Then bread wheat can go and become feed wheat or in even worse cases it can start to germinate in the ear, says Botvid Göransson.

Planning for one year

The farmers plan the autumn wheat a year before they harvest, something that Botvid Göransson thinks people should keep in mind.

- When ordinary people think that farmers are whiny, you should consider that we plan a year before we harvest. Imagine if you are at your job and they unplug the power supply every morning and demolish the day's job. Then you can understand how it feels when the rain comes at seven in the morning and you can not harvest, he says.