This year's scholarship holder could not come to Värmland to receive his framed diploma, but the company had to content itself with having her on a video link.

But it was a happy visual artist who thanked and told about his various visual projects, where Selma Lagerlöf is present in several ways.

With great enthusiasm, Marta Bogdańska told, among other things, about her hopes of digging deeper into the archives at Mårbacka and at the Royal Library in Stockholm.

In the clip you will hear more about how Marta Bogdańska hopes to continue working with her art where Selma Lagerlöf continues to play a central role.

-The parallels between Marta and Selma are in their message to their fellow human beings and that she describes, like Selma, love between everyone.

That it should not matter who you love, says Eva Eriksson, chairman of the Selma Lagerlöfs society.

The motivation: Spreads important love message

The scholarship has been instituted by the entrepreneur Lars Wingefors and will be awarded to those who contribute to arousing interest in, and increasing knowledge about, Selma Lagerlöf's actuality in our time.

For the 2021 Selma Fellow, the society justifies its choice as follows:

“Marta Bogdanska receives the scholarship because she conveys compassion and spreads the important message that it is love that should be in focus, not who it is aimed at. Hopefully, future generations can avoid the prejudices and discrimination that hampered Selma Lagerlöf and many others during her lifetime. ”