China News Service, Beijing, August 15th. Title: Continue to write overseas, love them and tell Chinese stories with music

  Author Jin Xu

  "It is very romantic to play guzheng on the streets of Bordeaux, France. I want to use such an approachable way to let more people understand China." French student Peng Jingxuan said in an interview with reporters.

  The video of Peng Jingxuan playing the guzheng became popular on the Internet, and it also made many foreign people curious about the "Chinese style".

Music knows no borders, and many overseas Chinese and overseas students are also telling Chinese music and Chinese stories in their own way.

  Peng Jingxuan went to Wuhan to learn professional knowledge of Guzheng from her hometown, and then went to France to continue her studies in musicology. Guzheng became a partner who accompanied her to the north and south.

She said that Bordeaux is a city with a strong artistic atmosphere. In the summer, many artists gathered here, and she was deeply touched by the same idea.

  "Choose a good song in advance, match it with a good Chinese costume, wear a guzheng on my back, and bring a portable speaker. This is all my equipment." When the beautiful piano sound floated over the Bordeaux square, many pedestrians were attracted by this extremely oriental Attracted by the lingering scene.

Peng Jingxuan said that some foreign audiences would ask for the name of the instrument; some would say "thank you" in Chinese; and some children would dance to the music...

  "After a performance, a foreign grandfather told me that he heard my performance when he traveled last year, and saw me again when he revisited the old place this year. He also said that he must travel to China in the future and appreciate the Chinese scenery."

Peng Jingxuan sighed, "Guzheng has connected a lot of fate for me."

  Wang Wei, a compatriot in France, also favors Guzheng and became a Guzheng teacher.

"The Guzheng has a pure tone and a simple rhyme. Whenever the clear and soft tone comes from between the strings, it is not only music, but also my heart's longing for my motherland and concern for hometown."

  Wang Wei said that many overseas Chinese will let their children learn traditional Chinese musical instruments. “Learning the guzheng is a journey of'seeking the roots' for these children, and they can experience the long-standing Chinese culture in music.”

  Wang Wei said that in addition to basic exercises, the cultural background contained in each piece of traditional music is also the focus of her teaching.

"'The Nine Schools of China', unrestrained and euphemistic, both rigid and soft, each piece of music presents a different style and genre, and the folk customs contained in it are also different."

  Organize clubs, participate in orchestra performances, volunteer at the Conservatory of Music, and work as a part-time flute teacher...


The overseas life of Han Junyu, an international student at the University of Sydney, has always revolved around folk music.

He told reporters that Chinese folk music is very down-to-earth. Although sometimes the name of the song cannot be stated, the unique mood, color and taste of Chinese musical instruments can definitely be heard in the melody.

  Han Junyu and his like-minded classmates formed a band called "Awaken" (Awaken), which means awakening and playing the most real emotions in the heart. Most of the members are Chinese students. "We rehearse together and perform together on campus and on the street. The purpose is to let more foreign people understand the charm of traditional Chinese music."

  Han Junyu sighed that with the joint efforts of everyone, the first Chinese New Year event at the University of Sydney was successfully held.

"We planned the entire event, including experiencing Chinese traditional cultural projects such as calligraphy and paper cutting, playing festive New Year music, and more importantly, trying Chinese and Western instruments to play "Game of Thrones" and "Scarborough Fair."

  Han Junyu said that the musical collision of flute, erhu, flute and violin, guitar and drum set made him deeply understand what "music has no borders".

"I hope to do my best to let more people know and like Chinese folk music, and let more people feel the beauty and happiness." (End)