He spoke about this on the air "Ukraine 24".

“And she flies to Moscow in order to understand the possibility of the verge of a compromise that Putin can make regarding Nord Stream 2 in order to fulfill the obligations that they agreed with the United States - for how many years they will give us transit, on what conditions ...

Secondly, there are security issues, because the question is that if Russia uses Nord Stream 2 as a political weapon, if there is further aggression, Germany will stop functioning of the gas pipeline, ”Chaly said.

Also, the former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin spoke about the upcoming negotiations.

In his opinion, in negotiations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, she "will propose scenarios previously agreed with the President of Russia."

“She will come to Zelensky and say:“ Vladimir, you need to go forward, you see, I will be gone soon, elections in Germany, who will be the chancellor is not clear.

I've worried about Ukraine for seven years, do you think the next chancellor will worry about Ukraine? "

And I am not far from the truth, I know how Merkel speaks.

And you need to choose something, because then you will go to Biden, and if you agree, you will consolidate your results, if not, then what to talk about? "

- said the former minister.

Earlier, the Kremlin confirmed that Merkel and Putin will hold talks in Moscow on August 20.

On August 22, the Chancellor will visit Ukraine.