Chinanews, August 13th. He Qinghua, first-level inspector of the National Health Commission's Disease Control Bureau, said on the 13th that so far, the new crown vaccination work for people aged 12-17 is progressing in an orderly manner across the country. 31 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps It has been reported that the total number of doses of vaccination exceeds 60 million doses.

Data map: On August 6, adolescents were vaccinated at the vaccination spot in Xueyuan Road Street, Haidian District, Beijing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Jiang Qiming

  The State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference on the 13th to introduce the situation regarding further efforts in epidemic prevention and control and answer reporters’ questions.

At the meeting, a reporter asked questions and said that many places have begun to vaccinate the 12-17 year olds with the new crown vaccine. Why do you want to vaccinate this group of people with the new crown vaccine?

  Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's immunization program, said that adolescents and children are susceptible groups. From a global perspective, vaccinations for children are started. There are four main considerations.

  First, everyone’s understanding of the new crown disease. In the early stage, it may be considered that the incidence and prevalence of children are not high, but as the epidemic continues to spread, especially in some countries with more severe epidemics, the prevalence of children is rising. , And some are close to the same period last year.

  Second, after children have contracted the new crown, they used to think that the symptoms were relatively mild, but now it is found that as children’s illnesses continue to increase, some of them have become severely ill, and some children have died.

  Third, whether it is an adult or a child, as long as it is infected with the virus, it is a source of infection.

From the perspective of the control of the source of infection, the management of children must be strengthened.

  Fourth, no matter whether measures are taken to control the source of infection or cut off the route of transmission, in most countries, the disease has not been controlled. "In the future, we hope to establish herd immunity. Children will be vaccinated, which is also indispensable in the process of establishing herd immunity. Part of it." Wang Huaqing said.

  In response to “some parents are worried about the adverse reactions of young people after vaccinating the new crown vaccine," Wang Huaqing said that according to the current monitoring and analysis of adverse reactions, the incidence of adverse reactions to children and adolescents receiving the new crown vaccine is not higher than that of adults over 18 years old. Including both general reactions and abnormal reactions.

The general reaction of adolescents after being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine is mainly fever, in addition to local pain, redness and swelling.

Abnormal reactions are mainly allergic reactions. Although they are rare, they occur in individual cases, mainly allergic rashes, and the symptoms are relatively mild.

  Wang Huaqing emphasized that psychogenic reactions are not adverse reactions. The vaccinated adolescents are in the puberty stage. In the monitoring data, it is also seen that individual children and adolescents have psychogenic reactions after being vaccinated. "In fact, psychogenic reactions It is a non-organic reaction, and this situation can also be prevented. For example, during the vaccination process, when our parents and guardians accompany children to vaccinate, we must relax ourselves, and we must also find ways to keep the children from getting nervous. This can greatly reduce psychogenic reactions." Wang Huaqing said.

  Another reporter asked a question that the new crown vaccination for people aged 12-17 years has been carried out across the country. So far, what is the progress of this work?

  He Qinghua introduced that in accordance with the overall deployment of COVID-19 vaccination, various provinces have successively carried out vaccinations for people aged 12-17 years old, and this work is proceeding in an orderly manner from four aspects.

One is that various localities have formulated work plans for specific groups of people aged 12-17, and actively communicated with parents to find out the bottom line.

The second is to arrange the vaccination time and vaccination site reasonably.

The third is to strictly follow the requirements of preventive vaccination work to standardize vaccination, ensure medical treatment and ensure the safety of vaccination.

Fourth, in view of the imperfect mental development of minors and the prone to psychogenic reactions, we should do a good job of popularizing science in advance.

  He Qinghua said that the next step will be to continue the orderly promotion of vaccination work for people aged 12-17 on the basis of good vaccination and ensuring vaccination safety.