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During the corona press conference on Friday evening, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced that the rising vaccination rate and the rapidly turning fourth wave are no guarantee for few infections in the autumn and winter.

The cabinet is saying goodbye to the corona measures, but only step by step.

An overview.

From August 30, no more 1.5 meters away in MBO and higher education

  • In the new academic year (from Monday 30 August), keeping a distance of 1.5 meters will no longer be compulsory in

    MBO and higher education (HBO and university)

    . That is earlier than the OMT advises, which is why a number of peripheral measures apply. In the coming school year, there will be a maximum of 75 students per lecture room. The use of mouth caps outside class is also mandatory. Students should also continue to self-test twice a week.

  • In

    secondary schools

    , students must continue to wear face masks in the new school year.

    The student and teacher must also continue to keep 1,5 meters away from each other.

    The mask obligation only applies outside class, when students move between classrooms, for example.

    Students did not and do not have to keep their distance between themselves.

    Only 41 percent of young people have currently received a first shot.

    That number is too small to completely let go of the corona measures in secondary schools.

Other measures will be extended until September 19th

  • A permanent seat in the

    catering industry

    will remain mandatory for the time being and the closing time will also remain midnight.

    The catering industry is also still not allowed to offer entertainment (such as live music) or screens (with football matches on them, for example).

  • Nightclubs and discotheques

    where visitors cannot keep 1.5 meters away must remain closed.

    The measures for


    will also be extended, so they will remain limited (including a capacity of 66 percent and Testing for Access).

  • The advice

    to work from home

    as much as possible

    and to avoid rush hour also continues to apply.


    can continue to test for free until October 1.

Striving: from September 20 nowhere 1,5 meters away

  • The outgoing cabinet hopes

    to be able to completely abolish


    one and a half

    meter rule

    in the third week of September.

    This would also cancel most of the other measures.

    The final decision will be made on

    September 17


  • The

    mouth cap obligation will also

    expire on September 20.

    For example, you no longer have to wear a mouth cap in public transport.

  • There is no



    maximum capacity

    for catering and events.

    That means, for example, that stadiums, catering, cinemas and theaters can be completely full again.

    Fixed seats

    are no longer a requirement.

    The catering industry can also keep their

    regular opening hours


  • From 20 September, more than 75 people must work with a

    corona admission ticket

    in the catering industry, at events (such as festivals and sports competitions) and in art and culture (for example, cinemas and theaters).

    This applies everywhere: indoors and outdoors, with and without fixed seating.

  • You will receive a corona admission ticket when you have been fully vaccinated, have recovered from a corona infection or have a negative test result.

    The test is still free at the moment, but later on you will

    be asked

    to make a



    When that will be is not yet known.

November 1: Let go of all measures?

From 1 November, other measures could be removed.

Then the corona ticket would no longer be necessary in the Netherlands and discotheques and nightclubs would be able to open completely again.


For example, the caretaker cabinet wants to gradually return to the 'old normal'