A ceremony to commemorate the 114th anniversary of Martyr Lee Jun, who died in 1907 in The Hague, the Netherlands, and a ceremony to commemorate the 76th anniversary of liberation, were held at the Martyr Jun Lee Memorial Hall in the city of The Hague on the 13th local time.

The martyr Lee was dispatched as special envoy to Emperor Gojong along with representatives Lee Sang-seol and Lee Wi-jong to the World Peace Conference in The Hague at the time to condemn Japan's aggression to the Korean Empire and inform that the Eulsa Treaty, which Japan forcibly signed was null and void.

However, he was unable to enter the conference hall due to Japanese interference, and the martyr Lee published an appeal to the media titled 'Why the Korean Empire is excluded' and complained about it every day. passed away in

The memorial service was held on this day, including Korean Ambassador to the Netherlands Jeong Yeon-doo, Hague Mayor Jan van Janen, Lee Ki-hang Director of Lee Jun Academy, Song Chang-joo Director of Martyr Lee Jun Memorial Hall, and members of the National Assembly Delegation Cho Eung-cheon and Lee Hun-seung who visited The Hague for diplomacy with the Dutch parliament. Several women attended to pay tribute to the patriotism and spirit of this martyr.

Ambassador Jeong said, "This year is the year to celebrate the 76th anniversary of liberation, and we look back on the tearful sacrifices and efforts of our forefathers who fought for independence at home and abroad against Japanese colonial rule." I offer my heart of remembrance," he said.

(Photo = Courtesy of the Korean Embassy in the Netherlands, Yonhap News)