China News Service, August 13 According to the China Greek Times, on the evening of August 12 local time, the National Public Health Organization of Greece announced that there were 3,605 new coronavirus pneumonia patients in Greece in the past 24 hours.

A total of 528,474 cases have been diagnosed.

There were 20 new deaths and a total of 13,158 deaths.

[Announcement of health certificate requirements for admission to the school in the new school year]

  The Greek Ministry of Education recently stated that the country’s schools will reopen on September 13.

When returning to school, teachers need to show proof of vaccination or proof of COVID-19 rehabilitation.

Teachers who have not been vaccinated need to perform rapid tests or nucleic acid tests at their own expense twice a week, and only if the test results are negative can they enter the school.

  Students who have reached the age of 12 are also required to provide proof of vaccination or proof of COVID-19 recovery when they return to school.

Students who have not been vaccinated need to have a self-test certificate for the new coronavirus with a negative result when they enter the school, and the test frequency is twice a week.

[Medical workers will be suspended if they do not get vaccinated]

  The Deputy Minister of Health of Greece Vassilis Kontozamanis (Vassilis Kontozamanis) issued an "ultimatum" to the staff of the medical system on the 12th, calling on them to vaccinate against the new crown as soon as possible, otherwise they will be suspended.

  He said in a letter to health workers that health workers are obliged by law to receive at least one dose of the vaccine before September 1. Those who refuse to receive the vaccine will be forced to take unpaid leave.

  Previously, the Federation of Greek Public Hospital Workers had issued a legal letter to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Finance, stating that health workers would not respond to the plan for compulsory vaccination against the new crown.

  The federation has stated that it will take all possible legal measures to overturn the government's decision to require staff working in nursing homes and medical staff to be vaccinated, otherwise they will be forced to take unpaid leave.

[Crete medical system has reached its limit]

  In an interview with the media on the 12th, Costas Terzakis, director of the Onvenizelio Hospital on Crete, said that due to the worsening of the epidemic, the island’s health and medical system has reached its limit.

Currently, there are 183 patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia on the island who are undergoing hospitalization, and 25 of them have been sent to the intensive care unit.

As the local hospitals were overwhelmed, some patients had to be transferred to hospitals in other regions for treatment.

  At present, the epidemic situation in Crete is very serious. In order to curb the spread of the virus, the cities of Heraklion and Chania on the island have recently been implemented emergency restrictions. These measures include: implementing a curfew from 1 am to 6 am, and only allowing people to travel during this time for work or health reasons, and banning music on the island around the clock. (Cai Ling)