Its seat will remain empty ... France will not participate in the follow-up conference of the UN Conference against racism, known as the "Durban Conference", scheduled for September, because of the anti-Semitic statements to which it gave rise, announced the Elysee on Friday.

Several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Canada and several European countries have already decided to boycott this meeting, organized by the United Nations on September 22 for the 20th anniversary of the world conference against racism in 2001 in Durban (South Africa).

Already the same boycotts in 2009 and 2011

"Concerned by the history of anti-Semitic statements made within the framework of the United Nations conference on racism, known as the Durban conference, the President of the Republic has decided that France will not participate in the follow-up conference which will take place this year ”, indicates the Elysee.

Many Western countries, including France, had already boycotted the Durban follow-up conference in 2009, as well as that of 2011, to speak out against anti-Semitic statements made there.

The first Durban conference, from August 31 to September 8, 2001, a few days before the terrorist attacks of September 11, was marked by deep divisions on the issues of anti-Semitism, colonialism and slavery.

The United States and Israel left the conference protesting the tone of the meeting.

"The unbearable revival of anti-Semitism in our Europe"

"Attached to the universalism of human rights, France will continue to fight against all forces of racism and will ensure that the Durban follow-up conference is held in accordance with the founding principles of the United Nations", adds the French Presidency.

In 2020, Emmanuel Macron had again warned against "the unbearable resurgence of anti-Semitism in our Europe", this "underground evil" which can "wear its face forever" or "borrow the new masks of Islamist hatred. of anti-Zionism ”.


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