The outgoing cabinet wants to abolish the one and a half meter rule in the third week in September, sources confirm Friday afternoon after reporting by the



In November, other measures could be removed, and discotheques and nightclubs could reopen, the broadcaster writes.

The cabinet already asked the OMT in June whether the distance measure could be abolished, but according to the experts there were too many "uncertain factors" at the time to arrive at a positive advice, such as the emergence of the delta variant.

The experts preferred to monitor the corona situation in the Netherlands for an extra five to six weeks.

Some other factors that weighed in on the decision are vaccination coverage and willingness to self-test after holidays.

In terms of vaccination coverage, the Netherlands seems to arrive at a very high 90 percent.

That is more than the 85 percent that the government initially aimed for.

This week, the OMT again addressed the issue.

It is not yet clear whether the experts consider abolishing the one and a half meter rule to be justified by mid-September.

On Friday evening, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) will hold a press conference about the corona situation in the Netherlands.