• Disappeared two months ago after a walk, her daughters investigated for murder


12 August 2021 Laura Ziliani's body found in a stream near Temù, in the Brescia area. This was established by the autopsy, entrusted to the forensic medicine department of the Civil Hospital of Brescia.

According to the Giornale di Brescia, the former Valcamonica vigilante disappeared on 8 May last year, she was recognized for a cyst under her foot and showed no signs of violence. 

We now need an analysis of the internal organs to evaluate the poisoning hypothesis. The corpse also had earrings recognized by relatives.

Two of the three daughters have been investigated for his disappearance and his house, in Temù, remains under seizure. Laura Ziliani was a widow since 2012 when her husband died overwhelmed by an avalanche.