, Nanchang, August 12 (Reporter Li Yunhan) Starting in 2018, Jiangxi has organized employers in the province for four consecutive years and organized delegations to well-known universities in the Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest to carry out the "Gathering of Talents in Jiangxi's Wisdom Ganpo" high school. Hi-level talent docking recruitment and other activities, has introduced nearly 12,000 high-level talents.

  On the 12th, Xiao Hongbo, the deputy minister in charge of the daily work of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the director of the Provincial Party Committee’s Veteran Cadre Bureau, revealed the above news at a special press conference on party building and talent work in Jiangxi Province’s series of press conferences celebrating the centenary of the party’s founding.

  "From the current stage, the total number of talents in Jiangxi is still relatively insufficient, high-level talents are in short supply, and its own talent training and supply capabilities are also weak." Xiao Hongbo said that talents are the key to achieving high-quality development in Jiangxi by leaps and bounds. "Going out" to attract talents is the primary task of the current talent work.

  According to Xiao Hongbo, in the past few years, "Talents Gathering in Jiangxi Wisdom and Ganpo" high-level talent recruitment and other activities have become a resounding brand for attracting talents in Jiangxi, and employers and students from universities outside the province are very concerned and eager.

Every year when the talent introduction season comes, many students from overseas colleges and universities take the initiative to call or inquire online.

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic last year, Jiangxi also opened a special online talent attraction and launched multiple rounds of online talent recruitment, which were welcomed by all parties.

  In addition, Jiangxi has set up the "Jiangxi Connecting High-level Talent Liaison Station" at the Jinggangshan Cadre College in China.

Since its establishment in March 2017, it has successively organized more than 300 enterprises, universities, and research institutions in the province to communicate with more than 700 national high-level experts who came to Jiangxi for research and training, and reached nearly 500 cooperation intentions and more outstanding talents Joined the "Circle of Friends" in Jiangxi.

At the same time, the province also relied on the overseas Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce (Association) to set up 5 overseas investment and talent attraction centers, and relied on the provincial government offices abroad to set up 3 talent recruitment workstations, and carried out various types of talent introduction activities. .

  In recent years, Jiangxi has held a number of regional, national and even global major events, and a large number of talents from home and abroad have come to Jiangxi for exchanges and matchmaking discussions.

The province followed up by holding expert seminars and talent forums, actively organizing the docking of talents and enterprises, flexibly gathering high-end intelligence, and contributing to the development of Jiangxi.

At the same time, with the help of the World VR Conference, World Jiangxi Business Conference, "Academicians and Experts Service for Old Revolutionary Areas", "Overseas Talents Jiangxi Tour" and other activities, only 250 academicians of the "two academies" came to Jiangxi.

  "It is not easy to introduce talents, and it is more important to make good use of talents." Xiao Hongbo said that the next step is to implement the talent policy so that talents can be retained. At the same time, we should promptly revise and improve some talent policies that have lost their competitiveness or are unrealistic and have cumbersome procedures to build a more dynamic and competitive talent policy system in Jiangxi. (Finish)