[The most beautiful new era revolutionary soldier]

  Guangming Daily reporter Liu Xiaobing

  On June 24, the "The Course of Truth—The Situational Teaching Hall of the Communist Manifesto" of the School of Political Science, National Defense University, was officially completed in Shanghai.

"This is an immersive teaching place that integrates historical collections, scene reproduction, and technological interaction. In it, you can see the Belgian Swan Restaurant restored in proportion, recreating the work of Marx and Engels in the joint research and writing of the "Communist Manifesto". Historical context; you can also happily study and discuss in the meticulously filmed theory study interactive project." Talking about the "Communist Manifesto" context teaching hall, Jiang Yanjun, director of the Marxist Theory Department of the School of Political Science, National Defense University, was very excited. He said, this context The teaching hall has built a substantive, three-dimensional, and artistic multi-dimensional platform to promote the "Three Entrys" of Marxist classics.

  From a young faculty member to the head of a national key subject of "Basic Principles of Marxism", Jiang Yanjun has never forgotten his original intention as a theoretical "fire-spreader" and passionately spread the latest achievements of the Sinicization of Marxism. His lecture "Principles of Marxist Philosophy" was criticized The online course "Study and Reading of Classics of Marxism" hosted by the army is a high-quality course and a national quality course.

  From being admitted to the original Nanjing Institute of Political Science in 1991, to completing his master's and doctoral studies at Nanjing University, he spent more than ten years in the ocean of philosophy, and Jiang Yanjun laid a solid theoretical foundation.

Concentrate on studying and accumulate.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, Jiang Yanjun, a young faculty member, has continuously achieved high-level results in Marxist research.

At the beginning of 2012, Jiang Yanjun became the youngest dean of the former Nanjing Political College.

  At the end of 2012, Jiang Yanjun encountered a very challenging task-to formulate a training program for undergraduates majoring in Marxist theory.

At that time, the undergraduate major of Marxist theory was the only one in the military academies and universities across the country.

At the mobilization meeting of the whole department, Jiang Yanjun put forward the "standards of the whole army, national vision", insisted on abiding by the discipline and professional construction norms, insisted on starting from the actual needs of army construction and development, and led everyone to work overtime for several months, gnawing down this "hard bone."

  "Winning and bloodliness should be the eternal background of the Marxist theoretical workers in the military." As early as the school age, Jiang Yanjun had seen the shadow of the sword in the field of ideology.

  Jiang Yanjun believes that the most urgent task facing the Marxist Theory Department of the School of Political Science, National Defense University is how to better transform the disciplinary advantages of the Marxist theory major into combat effectiveness.

Jiang Yanjun instructed relevant teaching and research sections to jointly launch the "political offensive and defensive confrontation" class, formulate offensive and defensive strategies, guide students to strengthen their fighting skills, and refute historical nihilism and other wrong thoughts in verbal and thought contests.

Jiang Yanjun also meticulously mobilized and combined professional forces to form an "ideological research" team, which continued to track the enemy's situation and keenly capture the focus of the struggle.

  "Teaching and educating people is my biggest responsibility." As the dean of the Marxist Theory Department of the Political College of National Defense University, Jiang Yanjun has been carrying out the teaching work for several years despite the arduous tasks of scientific research and management.

"Director Jiang's lectures are very wonderful. He can always find breakthroughs in the general trend of the world, national events, and small things around him, and give people guidance, enlightenment and thinking in simple and simple terms, so that we can deeply appreciate the powerful power of Marxist theory." Said a student.

  Last year, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic swept the country, and the School of Political Science of the National Defense University postponed the opening of classes.

Jiang Yanjun adjusted the teaching arrangements in time and carried out targeted remote “one-on-one” tutoring.

"Professor Jiang's guidance was so timely and powerful, it eased my anxiety." said Lin Lin, a first-year student.