China News Service, August 11th. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Algeria, the global epidemic of new crown pneumonia is still very severe. The "delta" mutant strain has triggered a new round of epidemic climax, which is more infectious and spreads faster. Faster, more pathogenic, and greater risk of cross-infection on international travel.

According to the latest requirements of domestic epidemic prevention and control work, the Chinese Embassy in Algeria adjusted the quarantine management measures before going to China as follows:

  Starting from August 29, 2021, all personnel who intend to travel to China must be quarantined for at least 21 days before boarding.

Each institution in Afghanistan is requested to take the main responsibility, earnestly do a good job in the isolation management of the returnees of the unit, and issue an isolation management certificate for the returnees of the unit (the template is attached, and please indicate the company's contact information).

The Chinese Embassy in Algeria will suspend the approval of the health code for their personnel returning to the country for enterprises that do not seriously implement remote prevention and control requirements, cause more imported cases, and have clustered infections.

  The Chinese Embassy in Algeria once again reminded Chinese citizens in Algeria to maintain a high degree of vigilance against the epidemic, resolutely overcome slack and paralyzed thoughts, and earnestly enhance their awareness of prevention and control, and that they must still take strict protective measures after vaccination.

Adhere to "non-urgent, non-essential, and non-travel", carefully arrange international travel, and if necessary, take personal protection before and during the trip.

Insist on not gathering, not gathering, not having dinner together, and be sure to wear a mask at all times when going out and when interacting with others, and pay attention to the disinfection of the virus.

Once symptoms such as fever and cough appear, they must be tested and seek medical treatment immediately and reported to the embassy.

  Isolation certificate (template)

  I hereby certify that: name, gender, passport number, employee of XXX unit (corporate contact XXX, contact information XXX), intends to take the XXX flight back to China on X, X, X, 2021, and has been on X X X to X X X, 2021 She was quarantined at home for 21 days in X Province of Algeria (company dormitory/hotel/owner house). She was in good health and had no symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue, etc.