Regarding the LDP presidential election following the expiration of Prime Minister Kan's term, the LDP Niigata Prefectural Federation has requested the party headquarters to hold a presidential election next month in accordance with the party's regulations.

Regarding the Liberal Democratic Party presidential election, the party's regulations require that votes be cast from the 20th to the 29th of next month, and the schedule will be decided at the meeting of the presidential election administration committee on the 26th of this month. There is also an opinion that the presidential term should be extended for a short period of time in advance and the presidential election should be held after the lower house election.

Under these circumstances, members of the House of Representatives Shuichi Takatori, who are the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation, met with Deputy Secretary-General Shibayama at the party headquarters and handed an application to Secretary-General Nikai.

The offer states that "the current slump in the approval rating of the Cabinet will have a considerable impact on the elections of the House of Representatives," and demands that the presidential election be held next month in accordance with the party's rules.

After this, Mr. Takatori told reporters, "The presidential election should be held openly and openly, in order to solidify the unity within the party before the lower house election."