Camille is fond of video games. He even made it his job by creating his own start-up. But while his business is developing considerably, Camille realizes that he is no longer in line with the values ​​of his investors ... One day, he gives up everything to radically change his life and become an organic baker. Today, he thrives fully in this manual trade. But to start this big turn, Camille had to train with professionals.

In this special episode of L'Envol adapted from the program "La France Bouge" on Europe 1, Camille shares her story to give you, in your turn, desires for a change of life. Why are more and more executives turning to manual trades? Do you have to start your new activity first and then train yourself or is it better to do the opposite? How to navigate the maze of training aids? After Camille's testimony, the journalist of Europe 1 Carole Ferry and Adèle Galey, presenter of the podcast "L'Envol" and co-founder of Ticket for change, decipher this subject in the company of Justine Abecassis. The head of educational content at LiveMentor, an organization that offers training to change your life, gives all her advice on how to train well.

Speaker references: 

  • Camille's bakery: L'EMBELLIE EN SEINE - 28 Rue de Seine, 77240 Seine ‑ Port

  • Justine Abecassis' organization: Live Mentor

Other references: 

  •  Book: "Activate your talents, they can change the world", by Matthieu Dardaillon

  • Personal Training Account 

  •  jechangedemé