At the end of July, a history teacher discovered Nazi objects in a brick cache in the wall of a house in Hagen (Germany).

The home is that of the teacher's aunt.

Together, they cleared the basement following the floods that ravaged the country on July 14 and 15.

The hiding place was about 30 centimeters deep, show the images broadcast on the local version of the




Precious documents for history

Sebastian Yurtseven, author of the find, explained that he first unearthed a newspaper dating from 1945. He then took out from the cavity a gun, a portrait of Adolf Hitler, eagles, emblems of the Nazi party, clothes , compressed air cartridges and gas masks.

The nephew of the occupant of the premises finally came across a large quantity of documents, many of which were covered with mold.

The high school teacher contacted the local authorities.

The municipal archives and the city museum of Hagen recovered, studied and cataloged the objects.

Given the nature of the latter, the heritage and monument preservation program has been applied.

Some also fall under the law on data protection, explained the city on July 28 on a Facebook page devoted to its history.

Hidden in 1945

In all, twelve boxes of objects were removed from the cavity.

Employees of the archaeological service of North Rhine-Westphalia were called upon to determine the origin and initial use of the objects unearthed as well as the building where they were found.

The examination and treatment of the damaged documents made it possible to establish that the house had housed a branch of the Secours populaire national socialiste (NSV).

The archives were said to have been hidden in 1945, just before the Americans arrived there.

These pages and the objects that accompanied them will for some be on permanent display in the town museum.


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