New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns.

Many Democratic party members, including President Joe Biden, had recently called on the 63-year-old politician to leave after investigations revealed that Cuomo had sexually harassed women, especially former employees, for years.

Cuomo said in a live stream broadcast by many US media outlets that he wants to keep fighting, but that the planned impeachment process would divert attention from important things the government needs to do, such as fighting the coronavirus.

A total of seven women have accused the governor of sexual harassment and improper conduct.

After the report was published, he maintained that he had done nothing wrong.

The 165-page report by Attorney General Letitia James states that Cuomo has repeatedly groped young women and treated them in an inappropriate manner.

The report also notes an unworkable situation in the workplace, where intimidation by Cuomo and his assistants was commonplace.

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