China News Service, August 10 (Xu Di, Su Yang, Linlin) He is rational and profound, and he firmly believes in Marxism in "speculation" and "criticism." He is keen and courageous, and he is a pioneer of ideological struggle in the "battlefield without gunpowder"; he is pure and firm, and sticks to his career ideals in a calm and calm manner... He is Jiang Yanjun, a professor at the School of Political Science, National Defense University.

the climb

  "Exploring the'method of exploring the world' is far more important than exploring the'world.' No theory can provide a permanent and immutable plan for social development." From being admitted to the original Nanjing Institute of Political Science in 1991 to completing a master's degree at Nanjing University , Doctoral studies, more than 10 years of study in the ocean of philosophy, shaped Jiang Yanjun's rational, dialectical and pragmatic spirit of seeking truth, earnestness, and truthfulness. During his undergraduate studies, two papers were reprinted in full text by the National People's Congress newspapers and periodicals.

Professor Huang Gaoxiao, who taught him at the time, recalled: “More than 20 years ago, I gave Jiang Yanjun a class of political science to students in his class. The first impression he gave me was that he was hardworking and hardworking. He was the most serious in class at that time. Reading, the student who asked the most profound questions."

  Study hard in the cold window, accumulate thin hair.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, Jiang Yanjun, a young faculty member, has continuously achieved high-level results in Marxist theory, philosophy and other disciplines.

In 2012, Jiang Yanjun became the youngest dean of the former Nanjing University of Political Science. This is not the first time he broke the age record of the college: the youngest professor, the youngest doctoral tutor...with all his efforts to teach knowledge and interpret the truth to generations of students , Use all your thoughts to plan discipline construction and serve the armed forces with theory.

The dialectical spirit of seeking truth from facts, balance and harmony is not only reflected in his ideological education, but also in his own firm belief in Marxism.

  Those who are familiar with Jiang Yanjun know that he never simply "introduces" Marxist theories, and never deliberately "advertises" his Marxist beliefs. "Thinking-Criticizing-Seeking Truth-Seeking Truth" is his step-by-step confirmation of Marxist beliefs. Unique way.

  Doctoral student Xu Zhijia sighed: "The term'criticism' is neutral in the academic field. Criticism-based identification is a solid rational identification, and criticism-based belief is a deep rational belief. The tutor is like a spring breeze. The spiritual nourishment allowed me to gain a more true and powerful understanding of Marxism through the'criticism' of negation, and enabled me to truly establish a scientific understanding and rational belief in Marxism."

  It is precisely with this kind of "thinking" and "wise" attitude and vision to look at academics, not only paying attention to what Marx "says", "learning", "what he saw" and "writing", but also paying attention to what Marx "calls". "What to create", "how to look at" and "why to write", Jiang Yanjun constantly strengthens theoretical literacy and ability, constantly strengthens his ideals and beliefs in life, takes learning and researching and spreading Marxism as his duty and pursuit, and he takes education and writing as his own. A practical arena for practicing scientific theories.

  Once an ideal and belief is established in this way, it must be extremely firm and persistent.

With a flick of a finger for thirty years, "speaking for sutras and standing up for the law", with the awe of the three-foot podium, with the simple and strict self-requirements of "striving to be worthy of the work and teaching objects" Although the annual average is about 300 class hours, Jiang Yanjun’s teaching quality has always been stable and high-quality. The "Marxist Philosophy Principles" he lectured was rated as a military high-quality course and a national excellent course. In 2007, he participated in the military academy political theory teaching observation and won the first One.

14 achievements have won teaching achievement awards at or above the provincial (ministerial) level, including 5 at the national level.

Participated in the military's theoretical dissemination, key article writing, major exhibition planning, compilation of teaching materials and syllabus, etc., and has taught and lectured more than 200,000 times for officers and soldiers of various major units.

The army-wide MOOC "Study and Reading of Classics of Marxism" has become the army's "net celebrity course". The specific topics he lectures have accumulated more than 200,000 hits, and he has launched the "Learning to Make the Country" platform online, serving the majority of officers and soldiers. Sowed the seeds of ideals and convictions, accumulated solid theoretical self-confidence, and served the theoretical study of the whole society.

  Set an example

  "A good team can make everyone happy, and a good team can make a good team." This is a saying that Jiang Yanjun often talks about. He brings the strength of personal hard work and a solid and rigorous style to the team.

  At the beginning of 2012, Jiang Yanjun, who had just taken up the post of head of the Department of Marxist Theory, encountered a very challenging task-to formulate a training program for undergraduates majoring in Marxist theory.

At that time, the undergraduate major in Marxist theory was not only the only one in the military academies, but also the only one in the national institutions of higher learning.

Jiang Yanjun put forward the “army standard and national vision” at the mobilization meeting of the whole department. In his view, it is of great significance to become the first undergraduate training unit for martial arts majors in the whole army, which will help promote the ability of the teaching staff, improve the echelon structure, Improve the overall school-running strength.

  After several months of hard work, the Ma Li department gnawed down this hard bone, and further solidified the striving for the first and the best style as a clear footnote for this team.

Now the Marxist theory discipline led by Jiang Yanjun has achieved excellent results in various evaluations.

Ranked among the top 11% of the country in the latest round of "National Discipline Evaluation", ranked first in the military, and ranked among the top 5% of the country in the "Ranking of the Best Disciplines in China"...

  A good team is inseparable from a good individual.

Over the years, Jiang Yanjun has always made leading the team, especially the training of young and middle-aged backbones, as a top priority.

In 2019, Xu Hengbing, an associate professor of the Department of Marxist Theory, was appointed to participate in the military political theory teaching observation trial. Jiang Yanjun personally led the team and mobilized the entire department to help him polish the courses over and over again.

In the process, Jiang Yanjun was injured accidentally, his right Achilles tendon ruptured and he was tied with a thick plaster.

Although he was inconvenient and could not go to the site to participate in discussions and trial lectures, each round of lectures was revised and completed by him lying on the hospital bed.

  Recalling the time of preparing for the game and sweating for a test lecture, Xu Hengbing was grateful for the sincere encouragement and hard work of "Big Brother".

"The competition was extremely fierce. Director Jiang's insistence to endure the pain deeply infected me. At that time, I told myself that I must face the difficulties. Because as the director said, I am not fighting alone." In the end, Xu Hengbing won the national defense. First prize in the university teaching competition, and was finally awarded the "excellent demonstration class" for the whole army to observe.

  There is also the young teacher Zhang Lei, who still cherishes the 14 versions of the lectures that Jiang Yanjun helped him revise when he participated in the college teaching contest in 2018.

Each page is covered with densely packed texts of various colors, ranging from logical frameworks to small teaching gestures... In Zhang Lei's eyes, this is the teaching essence of decades and the selflessness of teaching torch. Inheritance; every revised speech is like a mountain, and every time one climbs over one, it will reach another new realm.

Zhang Lei's teaching was rated as the college's high-quality theoretical course.

"This is not only a speech, not only a competition, but also a stainless steel quenched and tempered." Every time he thinks about it and reads it, Zhang Lei will be deeply moved.

  The annual "Discipline Annual Meeting" of the Department of Marxist Theory witnesses the unity and advancement of this team.

At the annual meeting, whether it is the "little green pepper" who is on the stage for the first time, or the "academic celebrity" who is carrying a star on his shoulders, there is a place to show his face and speak.

Some people talked about teaching perception, some talked about work experience, and some made suggestions for subject planning... In the harmonious and warm exchanges, the faculty felt the warmth and determination of this big family. Although the "Annual Conference of Subjects" is not like a high-end seminar It's grand, but it has already become the annual event in the hearts of Ma Li people.

  Under the leadership of Jiang Yanjun, teamwork has become closer and team results have become more fruitful.

Since serving as the chief officer, the team led by Jiang Yanjun has won the collective third-class merit once, and was named "Advanced Group for Talent Construction of Units Directly Under the General Political Department", "Advanced Party Committee of the Military Commission Training Management Department", and "Party Committee of Advanced Brigade and Regimental Units of National Defense University" Wait.


  "Doctors, masters, first of all, soldiers." This request echoed in Jiang Yanjun's mind from time to time.

  As early as his school days, Jiang Yanjun had witnessed the shadow of swords and swords in the field of ideology.

He is well aware that ideology is related to the flag, the road, and the national political security.

As a political theory teacher in a military academy, you should not be a "gentleman" in the "ivory tower," but a "warrior" who dares to "bright your sword."

  After transferring to the National Defense University in 2017, the task of transformation and upgrading has been more urgently placed before the subject of Marxist theory.

To this end, Jiang Yanjun actively planned, carefully deployed, and carefully selected, formed a new "ideological research" team, continued to track trends, keenly captured the focus of struggle, and actively innovated tactics and countermeasures.

The team deliberately studied and judged the situation, deeply grasped the law of struggle in the ideological field, and actively provided struggle strategies and strategic choices. Many high-level research reports were highly praised by relevant departments.

  In 2020, a new crown epidemic swept across the land of China.

Jiang Yanjun immediately realized that sensitive hot events, key time points, and a wide range of influence all meant that the ideological field would be met with great storms.

He led the backbone of the team to quickly build a dynamic monitoring mechanism for the epidemic public opinion during the Spring Festival.

He decisively led the team to focus on "theoretical public opinion," exposing the political intentions under the veil of various theories, sorting out key remarks, main trends, and conducting in-depth analysis. In just six months, a series of research reports were formed.

  Soldiers are trained bit by bit, and battles are fought one by one.

Jiang Yanjun led the new Marxist team to run for more than 3 years, efficiently completing various research tasks delivered by major military units, and producing nearly 200 high-end think tank projects and research reports.

The military flavor of the Ma Li people is stronger, the confidence in winning is stronger, and the research results are more effective.

Jiang Yanjun said: "The achievements are attributed to everyone. It should be the duty and background of the military Marxist theory workers to surname the army for war." (End)