“To extinguish a fire from the air, the Il-76 is equipped with a VAP-2 aircraft pouring device.

The capacity of the two tanks of this system is 40 cubic meters.

m. Crews of Mi-8 helicopters to extinguish the fire use special spillways VSU-5A, capable of carrying about 4.5 cubic meters.

m of water ", - quoted by the TASS agency.

The Rosgvardia emphasizes that the most experienced pilots operate the plane and helicopters, since visibility is poor in the disaster area due to strong smoke.

The department also noted that almost 500 servicemen and 27 units of special equipment of the Sarov division of the Volga District of the National Guard troops have been taking part in the elimination of the fire on the border of the two regions for several days.

Earlier it was reported that the number of settlements in the Irkutsk region, to which smoke from forest fires spread, exceeded 430.