The warning affects large parts of Götaland and thunderstorms are expected on Sunday afternoon and evening.

- It can also bring rainfall-like rain and strong gusts of wind, but everything is very local, says Nils Holmqvist.

It is not uncommon for SMHI to issue a Class 1 thunderstorm warning.

- It is quite unusual, it is one of the more unusual warnings.

Difficult weather to predict

How much thunder and lightning Götaland will get is hard to say.

- It is among the most difficult weather to predict, but also quite exciting, it can create some spectacular clouds, says Nils Holmqvist.

Before the afternoon, he thinks you should be a little careful and show caution.

- Lightning is not very dangerous in itself but you should have respect, maybe not go to the far end of the golf course where it is open and far to the nearest protection and have extra control if, for example, you play a football match.

SMHI has issued class 1 warnings for thunder in Götaland.

The picture was taken on the south coast.

Photo: Laila Berglund / SVT

"A summer phenomenon"

The turn of the month July / August is the most common period for thunder throughout the year.

- It is a summer phenomenon, it is hot and humid but also low-pressure weather.

During a year, it is about 10 to 15 thunderstorms in a year, depending on where you live in Sweden.

- Halland and western Småland have on average the most, with up to 20 thunderstorms, says Nils Holmqvis.

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